Sunday, December 27, 2009

Search Engine Friendly Website Design

Search engines play an important role in providing the informative web pages relevant to the user’ search on internet. In order to draw the traffic towards the site, website should be designed search engine friendly. It is very essential for a site to appear on the first page of search results for its business services and products as generally people tend to stop browsing search results after a few pages. So, the focus should be on how to make a search engine friendly website.

SEO friendly web design means designing a website so that it is easily recognized by major search engines and the website adhere to their guidelines. This helps in good website positioning and website ranking in major search engines. Some of the major guidelines for designing a search engine friendly websites are described here:

Meta Tags: Meta tags are added to web pages to enhance websites visibility in search engines. The title tag is most important of all as search engine considers title tag as webpage title. It describes how the search engines categorize your website; therefore you should use relevant title tag on the pages of your site. The Meta description provides additional information about your web page in nutshell and Meta keywords is all about relevant keywords pertaining to web page.

Search Engine Friendly URL: The URL of your website should include the keywords instead of having just some alphanumeric characters, strings and symbols. This also helps search engine and users remember your webpage and increases web page relevancy. This will help you in boosting your search ranking.
Content: The content of your web page should be keywords rich since search engines would rank websites based on the relevance of their content with search keywords. Your web page URL, title and content should be related for best results and search engine ranking.

Site Map: Site map should be included in the site, as it increases website's SE friendliness. It should be made using keywords or phrases that are targeted. Sitemap for users and visitors are static like sitemap.shtml, but for search engine it is sitemap.xml, urllist.txt.

Alt Tags on Images: Search engines read text, so to make images on the webpage readable Alt tags should be placed on images, as images are not being crawled by web spiders. It will helps in boosting the ranking since it's readable by major search engines.

Flash Design: Search engines have started reading flash but we need to add metadata object to the flash file. search engines rely most on text content in their indexing so websites that are made purely or mostly in flash may not be considered as search engine friendly web design.

There are many other points to be considered but above mentioned are few most important points for search engine optimization.

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